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Knowledge is the basis for the biological effect of light

2014/7/7 17:30:21 Viewers:


Many research teams around the world analyze the biological effect of light in all of its individual facets, and scientific results up until now have brought about highly interesting conclusions. The biological effect is most pronounced when light from a wide-area source comes from above and contains a blue light component. Light with a distinct blue component achieves more effective access to the activating centers of our brain and the control center of our inner clock. The result is increased alertness, attention and concentration capability for our daily work. An indirect lighting system where a large and bright surface (a wall for example) reflects the light thus has a stronger effect than the narrow light from a spotlight only illuminating a small area. This is because the photo-receptors of the eye are homogeneously distributed over the retina. 

The best effect: Light from a wide-area source from above with a high blue component

Communication to the control center in the brain and therefore also the biological effect is strongest when as many photo-receptors as possible are stimulated simultaneously. Planar illumination of the retina can only be achieved with a correspondingly large surface in the field of view. Decisive for the activating effect of light is not only the light color but also a wide-area light source as indirect lighting and the right ingress angle of light rays into the eye. Also valid: The larger the color spectrum of light, the more invigorating is the effect. Natural sunlight is the measure of all things.