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LIGHTIFY Pro – clever, wireless light management with app

2014/7/7 17:20:46 Viewers:
Application:  Office buildings, Smart connected light
Technology:  LED, LIGHTIFY Professional, Luminaires
Target group:  Electrician, Trade, Lighting Designer

LIGHTIFY Pro – clever, wireless light management with app

Intelligent lighting systems are advancing into more and more areas of daily life: In addition to automotive applications, where for instance infrared driver assistance systems detect people and animals in time and automatically initiate emergency braking, intelligent light is also overtaking the field of interior lighting. With LIGHTIFY Pro, OSRAM offers intelligent lighting solutions designed especially for offices and public buildings.

The most important task of modern interior lighting is to consistently provide the right amount of suitable light as a function of prevailing outdoor conditions and the task for which the light is needed. At the same time, interior lighting must be energy efficient and highly flexible. Efficiency can be achieved with light control technology, which is what makes a lighting system intelligent in the first place. A lighting solution is flexible when it can be expanded as desired or when core functions can be controlled remotely via smartphone or tablet PC.

Perfectly tailored light without major construction work

Intelligent light control is particularly effective in offices and public buildings, because time- or occupancy-dependent lighting can ensure maximum energy efficiency. A change to conventional light management systems in the past meant intensive construction work and high installation costs. Thanks to LIGHTIFY Pro these can be minimized as the configuration is done completely wireless as well as the full integration of the LIGHTIFY based sensors. 

Light communication in virtually any IT network

LIGHTIFY Pro and many other intelligent light systems are based on the leading ZigBee Light Link Standard. ZigBee was developed in 2002 by the ZigBee Alliance as a supplementary standard for wireless networks used in industry, smart homes and buildings. ZigBee makes it possible to connect different components with one another and is becoming more widespread, above all in offices and residential buildings. In addition, ZigBee permits lamps and luminaires equipped with LIGHTIFY Pro to communicate directly with special, wireless push-button couplers and sensors. The system is connected to a corresponding mobile device via a special gateway that converts WLAN into ZigBee signals. The OSRAM system therefore can be used in virtually any IT network. Previously installed lighting systems and products that support ZigBee can also be easily upgraded and integrated in LIGHTIFY Pro and therefore made smart. Even a DALI as well as controllable Relay interface is available to transmit lighting changes selected by the user.

Reduced cost and mobile use thanks to wireless system

With an intelligent wireless system like LIGHTIFY Pro, users can control the core functions of a lighting system from a mobile device. The specially designed LIGHTIFY Pro app, with its intuitive user interface, helps to start up and parameterize all lighting functions. Pre-set function profiles for single and group offices, stairwells or conference rooms can be selected first, and then individually modified at any time. LIGHTIFY Pro can also be operated via any standard light switch; it can be combined with all standard switch programs, switching movements are freely selectable and can be modified at any time. The intelligent lighting system is embedded in an existing WLAN network, meaning that the individual components connect with one another automatically and no bus cabling is required for installation. In other words, users have maximum flexibility when it comes to selecting the installation site. Even areas that are hard to access can be linked in without the need for extensive wiring work, keeping installation costs for the system to a minimum. Once the lighting system has been installed, it can be operated remotely via mobile device.

Intelligent light – Simple and flexible

And how are such lighting systems used day to day? To change the lighting in your office, for instance, you just grab your smartphone or some other mobile device, open the app, select a new lighting profile and send it wirelessly to the gateway, which in turn transmits the information to the lamp or luminaire telling it to turn on or off, dim down or up or even change color.